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Ok where do I begin. A lot of you have been tanning here since day one and know my story but there are a lot of new customers out there that don’t so let me tell you a little bit about me and Sun City.

Before I do I want to thank everyone old and new who has helped support Sun City throughout the years without you Sun City would be here. 

I started Sun City in 1992. I had a thriving business until the attack on the twin towers in 2001 and a nasty divorce at the same time. But I feel that I am a strong person and I regrouped and started coming back financially. I remarried in 2006 then my daughter Angelina was born in 2008. Life seemed good and then the mall that fed my business closed as well as the economy tanking. In 2016 through 2017 I went through yet another nasty divorce while waiting for the mall to be rebuilt and economy to come back.


Today with two nasty divorces is under my belt, a mall that is closed and our economy that is tanked now we have the coronavirus. This has all been financially crippling to me but I know that I am not a quitter but I also know that I need the support of all my customers.

So I would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout the years.


So what’s going on at Sun City while being forced to close?

I have been regrouping applying for an SBA disaster relief loan, which I am sad to say I don’t believe I will get, and brainstorming for the last week trying to figure out what I can do to keep my Tanning members active and happy at the same time keep Sun City‘s doors open with no income.



So what is going to happen to my Membership while you are forced to close?

I just wanted to let people know that you are not going to lose anything by staying a member at Sun City. I have come up with some incentives and will be posting deals that will be available for old and new members but first so you know, March April and May are my busiest months of the year and the money that we make during this time is what we use during the slow time to keep the doors open for people who like to come in during the winter months. This is hard to do since we’ve been forced to close and I’m worried that without our Tanning members that it will cause devastating impacts on Sun City. Good news is the mayor says we should be back in business by April 25 or sooner I’m hoping.

So what can we do? I figure everyone who is billed for their membership or if someone new signs up for a membership while we are closed they will be able to take that credit over a short term or long term with better incentives for people who take it over the long term.

If you are billed or sign up for a membership while Sun City is closed we will have Three options

  • First option will be you can use 150% of what you were billed towards any product in the store.
  • Second option is to use your credit towards your membership at 50% per month until your credit is used.
  • Third option is to take your credit over a 10 month period and I will match the dollar amount you spend and take off your membership. So you spend $50 and Get $100. I feel this is an aggressive way to retain your business and help us both out at the same time as saying thank you for supporting Sun City during this difficult time.


Important Note!!! If you freeze or cancel your membership or your membership declines you will not be eligible for this incentive. So in other words if you support us while we are closed we will support you over the long-haul because we appreciate you helping us out and keeping us alive.




What if My Package Expired while you were forced to close?


If you have tans that expired while we were closed you will not lose those tans. We will count the days you had left since the day we closed our doors and add them on to the date we reopen so it will be like we never closed at all. So, we closed on March 24 if your tans were set to expire on March 30 we will add six days onto your account the day we reopen so you will be able to use the remainder of your package.


Everyone will be available to sign up as a Tanning member with incentives or be able to buy packages at extremely discounted rates while we are closed. Please take note that if these packages are not purchase during the time while we are closed we will not honor those prices when we re-open our doors. The specials will only be for people who support Sun City while we are down and out. New pricing will be available when we reopen our doors.


When we reopen you will be able to buy packages in different configurations. There will be 30 day packs 45 day packs 60 day packs six month packs and one year packages on everything Sun City has to offer.


I just want to let everyone know that any of the discounted packages that you purchased while we are closed will be good for one full year from the date of purchase and they will be at a discounted rate that will not be available once we reopen.