Kansas City's Best Sunless Spray Tanning
is in the Northland at
Sun City Tanning & Swimwear

What is the best way to Prepare for my sunless spray tan?

Shower and exfoliate before your sunless spray.
Shower, remove all Makeup & DO NOT apply lotions or use hair conditioners prior to
your sunless spray tan.
You do not have to shower immediately before your spray,
but clean skin will allow the solution to soak into your skin better.
The better you exfoliate before your sunless
spray session the longer it should last.

Don't apply lotions after you shower before your spray,
it will stop the spray tan solution from soaking into your skin.
Moisturize heavily a few days before your spray
to make sure your skin is ready for the spray. We also offer a moisturizing
spray pass if you choose during your sunless session.

We sell a full line of Pura Sunless Products to help keep your sunless
tan looking good and lasting longer.

How long does a spray tan last?

A sunless tan on average lasts 7 to 10 Days depending on
how well you take care of your skin.
Some peoples tan has lasted longer but we recommend spraying
once per week to keep your sunless tan looking it's best.

A spray tan dyes the dermal layer of your skin, as your skin sloughs off,
the spray tan does as well. On most people skin will naturally reproduces
itself every 7-10 days, so that is how long a spray tan will usually last.
It gradually fades away. Several things can effect how quickly your skin
naturally exfoliates (length of spray tan). Swimming, sweating or working out
a lot will make your skin exfoliate faster and your spray tan will not last as
long. We recommend using Pura Tan Extender Moisturizer to help from
exfoliating as fast and keep your color longer since it has a small
amount of DHA solution to maximize your tan.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Appointments are not necessary but it is best to call ahead to make sure we
can accommodate you. You are always welcome to come in any time during
our business hours.
Last Tan or Spray is always 30 Minutes before we close.

How long does it take for a sunless spray?

Sun City's sunless spray session will take about 3.5 to 4.5 minutes.
It usually takes longer for your prep and to get dressed and undressed.
The entire process takes only about 10 minutes.

What should I wear?

You should wear loose fitting clothing.
Tight clothing is not recommended right after a spray tan.
The color of clothing should not matter as we offer a clear and bronze solution.
If you are wearing light colored clothing we suggest you use the clear solution.

Do you spray tan naked, or wear a bathing suit?

When you use our sunless spray booth you are in the privacy of your own room.
If you don't want tan lines you should spray tan naked.
You can spray tan with a bathing suit on, but wearing your best suit is not recommended.

What level should I spray at?

We offer levels 32 different levels of Sunless Tanning.
Most Salons offer levels 1-4 that are called Light, Medium, Dark and Double Dark.
Since we offer 32 levels and all sunless booths are different we recommend starting
at a lower level and working up 1 level at a time till you reach your desired level of darkness.

How long until I can shower?

You should wait a minimum of 6 to 8 hours before you shower to get the best results
from your sunless spray tan. After your spray do not get wet.
That means no exercising, sweating or walking in the rain.

What is the difference between clear and bronze solutions?

Clear and bronze solution develop exactly the same.
DHA is the active ingredient that makes you turn brown.
It takes 24 hours for the DHA to complete it's process.
The only difference between the two solutions is the bronze solution
has a cosmetic like make-up in it to give you instant color.
This is perfect if you are going out that evening and need to see instant color.
The advantages to the clear is it won't rub off on clothing.

What is the prep spray, does it cost more?

Most salons charge for the prep spray.
Sun City includes the prep spray in every Sunless spray tan session at no
additional cost. The prep spray neutralizes any soaps, shampoos, deodorants
and and helps to balance pH levels so you can achieve the best
possible sunless tan. So the prep spray neutralizes the skin to make sure
you receive a the best color from your spray tan at Sun City Tanning & Swimwear.

What is the tan extending anti aging hydration spray?

At Sun City Tanning & Swimwear we offer an anti aging hydration spray
that can be part your sunless spray session. Spray tan solution can dry the skin
so this hydration spray is recommended. The combination of Vitamin E, chamomile,
lemon extract and green tea leaves your skin is feeling soft and helps to make
your sunless session last longer.

How often should I spray?

Our spray tan members spray once per week to keep their color even.
You can spray just for events or get a membership if you want to be tan all the time.

Should I spray tan the day before my wedding or my event?

This is a question comes up and a common mistake made by many is to
wait till the last minute. My question would be have you ever done a sunless
session with us before? If so then by all means what level do you need!
Doing a sunless session at Sun City Tanning & Swimwear before your
wedding or event is is a great idea if you have done it with us before and know
what level that you need to make you look awesome for your special occasion.
Just don't wait till the last minute if you have never done a sunless session
with us before. We want your Sunless session to always be perfect so we
recommend that if you are spraying before that big day make sure you do
a spray two or three times a few weeks before to make sure you have every
thing perfect so your big day is the best it can be!

When is last Spray Tan?

It takes time to clean the sunless booth so it is in perfect working order so our
last sunless session is always 30 minutes before we close.
Please call ahead if you want to come in for the last spray of the day.