Definitely think this place is awesome! The owners are some real cool down to earth people. Not all stuck up like some. Also they have a lot of nice beds to chose from and a spray booth
I have been going to Sun City for years!! Awesome selection of suits! High quality tanning beds! And the best part, the friendly & helpful staff!
Unique atmosphere with a little more to offer compared to your usual salons. Very nice and clean place!! Well maintained. Customer service is outstanding and make for good conversation. All kinds of different package deals fairly priced as well. Only place I will go in the area. I Definitely recommend Sun City to others
I've been going to SUN CITY for almost 10 years and i haven't gone anywhere else since. Great owners who know about their beds and products and care about helping you get into the right clothes or swim suits. Always quick to help customers...in 9 years i think i have waited in line maybe 2 times - greatly in part to their huge amount of beds but also because they are fast about cleaning beds for the next customers to use. Phil and Kristi are great people to deal with on a professional level as well as personal level. i can go in and spend 20 minutes for a tan, or an hour to chat if i have extra time in my day. great people and great business. thanks guys!
I have been a customer for a couple years and have always received great customer service! The beds are well maintained, the swimsuit selection is the best around and of high quality, and the staff is always helpful and friendly. I would recommend this establishment to anyone seeking the perfect suit and a clean tanning salon!
I have been shopping there for years and the owner is so helpful and service is great! Love all the sexy swim suits!
Phil and the crew are the best! Ive been going for years and they always treat me like one of the family! Great bed options and ton of selection on all the summer needs, from flop flops to bikinis and trunks....don't forget the sunglasses!
A friend recommended Sun City to me as a place where the owners/staff are experts at helping you find the perfect swimsuit for you. I was not disappointed. I walked out with 2 great suits that I feel like I look good in. She was honest about what looked good on me and brought me lots of options that fit my body type. I went over lunch and got great service! They were all so nice, it was a good shopping experience. Thanks Sun City! Have a great summer.
These guys are great! The staff actually knows what they are doing. If you go to get a swim suit, there are like a TON of them, and they will actually help you find a great one. The tanning beds always have fresh bulbs, and the place is CLEAN! I don't know much about bulbs and beds, but all I know is when I go, I get a great tan, and no burn! I can't say enough good stuff.
Phil helped me from the moment I stepped in! At first I was sceptical that a guy would really be able to find the perfect suit for me, but that feeling went away immediately. He really knows what he is doing! He spent over an hour helping me, and giving me his honest opinion. I'll be back!
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