I have been tanning at Sun City for almost 5 years, my mom has tanned there for longer. The beds are awesome and I've never had any associated problems with it. The service is great and the workers are so nice and helpful! They are also very helpful with swimsuits. They know exactly what they are doing and try their hardest to find the best suit for you. SUN CITY RULES!!
Love this place! Swimsuit shopping is usually very frustrating for me but the staff is so helpful and patient. They carry a huge selection to choose from and are also able to help you narrow it down to find the perfect style and fit. I love my new suits and will certainly recommend them to others.
Sun City is definitely the go to place for swimwear, club wear and tanning! They also have the best customer service I have seen at any company! They make everyone feel like family. Ive been tanning there for over 7 years and have always had an awesome experience! They make sure you are completely 100% satisfied when you leave! Thanks SO much Sun City!!!
I've been tanning at SUN CITY for the last 8 months and I give them the best recommendations. Beds are always 100% clean and bathrooms as well. Employees of SUN CITY are very kind and professional and will answer all your questions regarding tanning and lotions...They also have the best selection of bathing suits and accessories in KC :)
Thank you SUN CITY for making me feel welcome.
Sun City is the best place in KC to purchase swimwear, fun clothing and accessories for fun in the sun! The customer service is top. I have purchases swimwear at other stores and it never seemed to fit right. I received personal assistance as well as instruction for tying the bikini top so it fits correctly and suggestions on styles to fit my body. In the future, I will always buy my swimwear at Sun City!
Sun City is the Brightest spot in KC to get a tan or a suit.
Board short selection is the BEST and I love the Rusty and Lost T-Shirts!!!
The service is awesome too!
Thanks Sun City for making the Northland feel like the beach!
Great place to tan! I have been going there for a while. They have 3 types of tanning equipment and their are very reasonable. I picked up some board shorts from them that have lasted for the last couple of summers. Thave a huge selection for the ladies! Sun City is defiantly worth the stop!
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