Phenomenal customer service and they absolutely know their product! For the third year in a row I've made my swim wear purchases at Sun City. It took me two years to understand that I simply need to tell them what I'm looking for in cut and color, they do the rest. Today I spent a total of 20 minutes "shopping". I left with two PERFECT suits that mix and match!! Excellent fit, completely stress-free- you don't get that anywhere else!! I've tried. Thank you so much!!
I was so impressed with this experience in every way! My mother and I brought my daughter here to find a swimsuit that would fit her properly (she is large-busted but not otherwise large, and hard to fit in standard venues). The moment we walked in, I just knew we had come to the right place. The owner (Phil?) is so friendly and absolutely knowledgeable about properly fitting swimsuits. Prices are very reasonable, and after trying on several (and having choices that fit was a happy new experience in itself), my daughter is thrilled with her new suit. This is top-notch, professional, yet easy-going customer service! No snooty boutique attitudes and pricing. We have found the only place to buy our swimsuits in the future and will happily recommend it to anyone. Thank you so much, Sun City, for your knowledge and assistance, and for making us feel at home!
I am a large busted woman and I have bought 5 or more swimsuits in the last 4 years, just hoping that I could make them fit, with no success. Wish I had known about this place sooner! The gentleman who assisted me was both friendly and knowledgeable. He immediately found the correct size, showed me all the styles and designs he had and I walked out with a beautiful bikini top and bottoms that I love! The prices were reasonable and there was a lot to choose from. The atmosphere was comfortable and I immediately felt good about trying on bathing suits, something that most people can agree isn't much fun. Had a wonderful time and will absolutely go back for any future bathing suit purchase. I highly recommend them to anyone and would rate higher than 5 stars if I could!
This place is absolutely amazing! The staff is awesome & always willing to help you find the perfect one that fits & makes you look amazing! I wear a 34G top & they have so many selections and good quality items! They helped me find the perfect top again this year! Go see them! You will be happy you did!
Place is clean, owner is knowledgeable of products they
sale . They offer 3 types of tanning beds, along with spray tanning and a water massage therapy bed .they also have a variety of swimwear male and female and a ton of accessories...
Love these guys. If you can't find a suit here, male or female, your probably not going to find one. Mix match, sizes, colors, cover ups. Nothing better then really feeling good in your suit! Summer yeah!!!!
I was worried about the quality of swimsuits I might find at Sun City based upon the look of the building when I pulled into the parking lot. Additionally, I was a bit skeptical that a man was going to be assisting/fitting me for a swimsuit; however, he knows his stuff. He was very helpful and insisted on finding a swimsuit style that I felt comfortable in. I am pleased with the quality, style, and fit of the swimsuits I purchased. I will definitely be going back to visit Sun City the next time I need a new swimsuit.
If I could give Sun City more than 10 stars...I would!! I've been a LONG time customer since 1994 and since then have visited them several times a month if not weekly! Be it for tanning or swimwear among their newest addition of selling firearms to keep the men busy while the women shop...they are AWESOME! Couldn't be more satisfied with the CUSTOMER SERVICE and the products they sell! I've not bought another swimming suit anywhere else since 1994...they have the best variety in swimwear without a doubt!! I am a devoted customer forever!! Phil the owner is very pleasant and always makes sure everyone is completely happy with their purchase as well as being up front and honest about store policies. They are a small business and that's what's great about it...You get the attention and respect you deserve when you shop or use his his tanning beds (which by the way, areally the best I've ever used)!!! The store has a great atmosphere as well as friendly people to help you find the right suit just for you! Sun City takes pride in their business and you can tell as soon as you walk in the door...you are greeted immediately, their store is immaculately clean and it's nice to have someone fit your body to swimwear that actually accentuates you!! The owners really put the customers needs and wants first! Expect to be wowed when you visit Sun City because that is what you will get!! CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!!!
This tanning salon will and always has been my absolute favorite!!!
I absolutely LOVE this tanning salon! I moved to KC 3 years ago and my boss recommended it to me. The owner is the most engaged and helpful owner of any salon that I have ever been to. The staff is amazing and not only do they have the best tanning beds but they have the largest swimsuit selection! If you haven't been to this salon you need to stop by and check it out. It'll be the best customer service experience that you will ever have!!
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