Amazing!! This place is simply AMAZING.
If you need swimwear and a 10 star experience, GO HERE!!
Over the last year I had gained some weight due to a medication, and was very very apprehensive about swimsuit shopping this season, sigh, but the staff at Sun City Tanning & Swimwear totally and completely eased my mind!!!!! I went in thinking I was going to settle for a one piece (due to my weight gain) but ended up buying TWO BIKINIS and they are gorgeous!!!!! I feel a WORLD more confident and cannot wait to be on the beach next week (going on a cruise, yay!), and flaunt these gorgeous suits. Tip - Do not be self conscious when going in and trying on swimwear! Please please do not expect to hide out in the fitting room and do this alone - Sun City is there for YOU and encourages you to come out and show them each suit you try on because that is how they can assist you in the BEST way!!!! They will make you feel like a million bucks!! I will NEVER shop anywhere else for swimwear. Incredible experience, in LOVE with my suits!!!
Very friendly!
Happy fast experience.
He was very informative about lotions.
Will go back.
Great place to find a suit!
Very helpful staff, made the swimsuit buy experience way better then I’ve ever experienced!
Emily was great!
She helped me find a super cute swim suit that fit amazing in a matter of 20 minutes.
I recommend Anyone looking for swimwear to go here! Very knowledgeable and super helpful staff.
The owner is super nice and informative, i love the location and the beds work great!
Every time I go to Sun City the Service is outstanding!
They the time for me to try on a dozen suits til I find the one i really love! I always go to Sun City when i want a new swim suit! Lots of choices in every style you can imagine and their suits are high quality and last forever! I highly recommend Sun City for all your swim wear :) The owner is always available for questions also! I love the individual service you get at Sun city :) I will definitely be back!
Great new bulbs, quick and clean. Nice selection of swimwear too especially if you're female.
This place is fantastic! I have been looking for a swimsuit for months and couldn't find anything I liked! I came to Sun City and Phil the owner, very nice and professional, listened to my concerns and the struggles that I have had with my hunt for a good suit. He sized me, asked me what style I liked and BAM... I had two suits withing minutes that I LOVE and great quality! I am going to be rockin it on my vaca to Sanibel Island! Thank you Phil for hooking me up with some amazing and beautiful swimwear!
Great service! Very helpful in finding the right swimsuit that fit comfortably and looked nice. Very cute styles. Comfy flip flops to choose from also.
Swimsuit shopping has never been something I looked forward to, and this time was no different. A friend told me about Sun City, and how awesome it was, so decided to give it a try. I had not worn a swimsuit since my breast reconstruction after breast cancer, and wanted to make sure the scars would not show. Phil was amazing!! He explained his process, and basically he asked us to pick out a few tops we liked, and then from that point on, he would do the running for us and we just had to stay in the dressing rooms. He was not critical, and definitely understood swimsuits from a woman's point of view. He was extremely patient and very pleasant. I probably tried on at least 10 tops. And even the one with a pattern that looked to me like a patio cushion, looked amazing on. He was right! :) Once we picked out our tops, then we moved on to the bottoms. Phil actually made it a very fun experience. In addition to swimsuits, they have a nice selection of cover-ups and sandals. Look forward to looking at the cover-ups when I am not in a rush to get back to work!!
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